5 Tips for Spanish Speakers

Here are 5 tips for Spanish speakers who want to improve their English pronunciation:

1. Use a dictionary to hear the pronunciation of a word

2. Look at the IPA symbols underneath

  • The IPA symbols tell you the pronunciation of the word.
  • In the word debt you can see that the letter b is not pronounced: /dɛt/
  • IPA stands for International Phonetic Alphabet.

3. Use my interactive sound charts to hear the sounds of English

4. Learn the /ə/ vowel

  • It’s the most common vowel in English and it’s called the schwa.
  • Watch my Schwa YouTube video to learn when to use it.

5. Pronounce all the consonants

  • Spanish words don’t end with multiple consonant sounds.
  • This means you may not pronounce all the consonants at the end of a word in English.
  • For example, you may pronounce band as ban, last as las, and crisps as crip 
  • Practise saying English words slowly and ensure you are pronouncing all the consonant sounds.

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