Buy 40 Weeks’ Access to the Course

  1. This is a self-study course. No private lessons are included.
  2. You will need the internet to access the course.
  3. The course is in English and teaches British English pronunciation.
  4. The course is for non-native speakers of English.
  5. The course is organised according to your native language. The following language guides are available: Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Luganda, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Thai.
  6. You will only be able to access the course on three separate devices (e.g. 2 computers + 1 iPad, or 1 laptop + 1 computer + 1 tablet). If one or more of your devices break and you need a new login, then just email me.
  7. I suggest you use a tablet (e.g. iPad), computer, or laptop to access the course. You can use a phone, but the screen size will probably be too small.
  8. Upgrading: if you buy 15 or 40 weeks’ access you will have the option to upgrade to unlimited access at a later date. The price you pay will be the difference between the price of 15 or 40 weeks and unlimited access. Please note that I reserve the right to change the price of unlimited access at any time. There is no option to upgrade from 15 weeks to 40 weeks.

Subtotal £399.00

Total: £399.00

After paying, please wait to be redirected to the course registration page.

English pronunciation course