For £79, you can send me up to 5 minutes of audio and I will give you a detailed breakdown of what to focus on.

(Alternatively, you can ask Luke for some free advice in the online classroom. Go to Bookmarks -> Ask Luke in the sidebar.

Please note I am currently on annual leave and will be taking assessment/feedback recordings again from Tuesday 5th October 2021. 


If you would like an assessment, please record yourself reading the Perfect Match text. If you need technical help with recording, click here.

If you would like general feedback, you can send me whatever will be most useful for you. Perhaps record yourself reading some of the course materials/a work presentation, or record yourself speaking spontaneously.

I will send you a document with:
– the topics you should study in the course ordered by priority
– a list of words you mispronounced and how to pronounce them like a native speaker.

After payment has been successful, send the audio file to Please give me 3 working days to reply (but I’m usually quicker than this).

By making payment, you accept my Terms. You must be a current course subscriber to use this service and you must send the audio recording within one month of payment. If you do not comply with the Terms, no feedback/refund will be given.

A payment button will be on this page again from Tuesday 5th October 2021 when I am off annual leave.