Ear-Training Games

If you cannot hear the difference between two sounds, then it will be very difficult for you to pronounce the sounds distinctly. The game below trains your ear. There are lots more games in the Online English Pronunciation Course.

How to Play
1. Choose the game you want to play under Select Game.
2. Click the Play Word button (you can click it as many times as you like)
3. Click the word you have heard. The game will tell you if you have got the answer right or wrong. It will then randomly choose another pair of words.
4. If you need help, then click the sounds underneath.
5. If you keep getting the answer wrong, then my online course will help.

1. The game works by showing minimal pairs.
2. beat and bit are an example of a minimal pair. The words sound the same apart from one sound – the vowel in the middle. Notice the IPA transcriptions: /biːt/ – /bɪt/.
3. By listening to minimal pairs, you can hear the difference between sounds more easily and therefore it will be easier for you to produce that difference in your own speech.
4. This game will also help with your listening comprehension.

Select Game

Play Word
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Which word did you hear?

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Listen to the sounds again:

If you find the games challenging, then I suggest taking the online course.

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