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Expert tuition, tailored to your needs

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Private English Pronunciation Lessons

Private Lessons

Expert tuition, tailored to your needs

Private English Pronunciation Lessons
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What happens in lessons?

1. Assessment of your accent

I start with a comprehensive assessment of your accent (while speaking and reading). This means I am able to tailor the lessons to your individual needs.

2. Understand how the mouth muscles work

We will explore how the mouth works within the first lesson. Remember that speech is physical activity. It’s important to understand how the mouth muscles work, so you are able to change the way you speak.

3. Train the muscles

We do physical training exercises to make the mouth muscles stronger and more flexible. This will give you the control to create new sounds more easily.

4. Learn some IPA (phonetic) symbols

English spelling is confusing. It is not easy to guess the pronunciation of a word from the spelling for example the “b” in “debt” is not pronounced!)

By learning the difference between letters and sounds – and using symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) – the process of pronouncing words becomes much simpler.

Don’t worry if you want to avoid phonetics – they are not essential to improving your accent.

5. Focus on important sounds

I start by teaching you the sounds that will make the biggest differences to your accent. The first priority is improving intelligibility (=people understanding you). The second priority is sounding more like a native speaker. Depending on your needs we may study some or all of the following: vowels, consonants, rhythm, intonation, and voice quality (or articulatory settings).

When helpful, I make comparisons with the sounds in your native language.

6. Practice materials to study at home

I will give you worksheets with diagrams, practice texts and audio recordings. In addition, I will email you a “Lesson Summary” after each lesson, which documents what we learned and includes advice on what to practise.

7. Guidance on how to practise

I will advise you on how to practise and how to use new sounds effectively in your everyday speech.

8. Speak clearly & confidently!

After taking lessons, you will have a deeper understanding of how English pronunciation works and you will be able to communicate more effectively in English.

Where and When?

Due to the pandemic, lessons are online only until further notice.

Lessons via Skype

English Pronunciation classes
  • Take lessons whenever and wherever suits you online.
  • 1 Hour. 1 Student. 1 Teacher.
  • Monday – Thursday, 10am – 6pm (UK time).

1. Lesson start times are 10am, 11.15am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.45pm, 5pm (UK times)

2. Worksheets and audio files will be emailed to you for practice.

3. As an alternative to Skype, I can also use Google Hangouts or Zoom.


Each lesson lasts for 1 hour. Before you pay, you will need to contact me to check my availability.

1 Lesson


5-Lesson Package


10-Lesson Package


(A cheaper – but very effective – alternative to private lessons is my Online Pronunciation Course.)

1. Each lesson lasts for 1 hour. Longer or shorter lessons are available on request.

2. Before you pay, please contact me to check my availability. Once we have arranged a time, I shall send you a link to pay. Payments can be made securely on my website and payment is required 48 hours in advance of the lesson.

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Listen to Previous Students

Alex was from Belgium and wanted to improve his accent. Listen to him below:

Read what previous clients have said below:

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Luke’s lessons were the best investment into my personal development I’ve ever made. The lessons were tailored to tackle specific difficulties and I could see (or rather hear) how my speech kept improving each week. The experience was “ear-opening” as I started paying more attention to how people pronounced certain words and which words I struggled to pronounce myself. You almost develop and extra sense which is a wonderful feeling. Improving your accent is not a magic trick, you need to work hard, but Luke’s lessons make this journey extremely pleasant and rewarding.

Anna, Journalist, Russia

Luke is an excellent teacher, highly professional (I’m very impressed by his professionalism), efficient, very organised and supportive. I took 20 lessons with Luke and during each lesson time has always flown by very quickly. Luke’s lessons, support practice worksheets and recordings are well designed and were tailored to my specific needs. I now feel more confident while speaking English. Speaking with a proper English accent doesn’t feel out of reach anymore as I now understand the logic behind it. I definitely recommend taking lessons with Luke to anyone willing to improve their English accent.

Elise, Contract Manager, France

Working with Luke was not only fun, but also very helpful. He really knows what every person needs individually and can work on that very well. My pronunciation has improved so much more than I ever thought it would and I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing some lessons.

Alex, Filmmaker, Belgium

I have taken 15 lessons with Luke and will certainly go back for more. Luke’s extensive experience lets him easily identify your needs, the mistakes you make and tailor the lessons around those. I have previously read different pronunciation books and watched various pronunciation videos on YouTube but it turned out I had a very limited idea of what makes me really sound “foreign”. Luke helped me identify mistakes I have never realised I was making. Luke is extremely organised, taking notes of everything we went through during the lessons and sending it to you straight after the lesson. His handouts are thorough and very informative, full of great exercises you can use to practice. Luke is extremely knowledgeable of other languages and their way of pronunciation, including Bulgarian, and it was always helpful when he compared English with Bulgarian sounds. I can certainly see the progress that I have made and my colleagues have also expressed their views that now I sound much more British. I would highly recommend his individual and tailored to your needs approach if you are serious about improving your accent.

Tsetso Bikov, Business Development Manager, Bulgaria 

Are you struggling to be understood while speaking? Would you like to sound like a native English speaker? Have you been studying English for years and still feel there is room for improvement? I was experiencing all those situations at once. If you see yourself reflected in my questions, Luke’s classes are definitely for you. You will progress by leaps and bounds: the results are palpable after the first weeks. Classes are tailor-made to your needs, which makes the learning curve steeper. On top of that, Luke is a nice easy-going teacher, making the process pleasant and enjoyable. You only need to do one thing: follow Luke’s directions and practise a bit day after day. I got 10 classes and moneywise I was a bit concerned about the investment. However, benefits have outweighed the cost. If you really want to make a real change in your pronunciation, do not hesitate to contact him.

David, Market Research Analyst, Spain

I had 10 lessons with Luke, which left me very satisfied. He is a born teacher, who has an excellent knowledge of the English language and phonetics, without lacking a comparative perspective. He has an excellent ear for speech sounds and is very good at detecting imperfections and coming up with practical ideas to help you reduce them. Finally, he has an engaging personality and a genuine interest in what he does, which makes the lessons pleasant.

I, Future Pupil Barrister, Bulgaria

Luke really is kind of a magician: he made me understand things about how to pronounce some English words that I would not have been able to figure out otherwise. He made me aware of my mispronunciations and so allowed me to make great progress. He is an amazing teacher, explaining both the theory but obviously emphasizing on physical practice. The results I was able to achieve in 10 weeks were astonishing. And the lessons are really pleasant: I always looked forward to our lessons during the 10 weeks we had lessons together. I would totally recommend working with Luke!

Nicolas, CEO @ Theodo UK, France

I really needed to improve my accent for my job and thanks to Luke I’m starting to achieve that. His way of teaching is very unique. He can always identify the sounds that I need to change, and all the lessons are 100% tailored for me. He also knows about the sounds I use in my language and he gives me tools to change them when I talk in English. At the end of each lesson, he always sends me a summary of what we’ve learned, and also, all the exercises I need to practise, and some useful tips, which is very helpful. He also provides lots of worksheets and audio recordings to practise all the things you learn during the lessons. So far I’ve done six lessons, and after the first one I already started feeling some improvement, which made me feel more confident in my speech.

If you are looking to improve your accent don’t doubt it, Luke is your teacher!

Pau, Actor, Spain

I have just finished my 10-session course and I’m very satisfied with his teaching. I highly recommend him to those who wish to perfect their English pronunciation, because

1. He could always identify the mistakes I made and when I had difficulty pronouncing words correctly, he could always use some methods to guide me to change my pronunciation.

2. His explanation of the movements of the jaw, lips and tongue were really helpful in demystifying English pronunciation.

3. English pronunciation may vary when speaking fast (weak form and strong form). His explanation of this was brilliant, I could feel that my speech became more natural after following his instructions.

4. He is very knowledgeable about English pronunciation, he can always answer my questions about it.

5. His personalised lesson summary points out the words or pronunciations I have problem with and gives some sentences for me to practise at home.

6. Each of his teaching material (with recording) focuses on one topic which helps me concentrate on one thing each time.

7. He is very friendly and the atmosphere in the lesson is very relaxed. I enjoy having lessons with him very much.

Chang, Taiwan

After living in England for 12 years I decided it was time to move from ‘good to great’  and eliminate those sounds which give me away as a native Spanish speaker. Luke understands the pitfalls and common accent mistakes of each language and focuses our time on improving each sound. He’s structured, fun and inspires me to study and try new sounds. Most of all he’s really helped me build more confidence talking in public. I would strongly recommend Luke’s classes and course to anyone who is looking for an accent change.

Adela, Spanish

I took 11 classes with Luke and my accent improved greatly. With each session I gained more confidence in reading in public. I was very pleased with the structure and content of each one hour session, which included doing speech muscle exercises, looking at different troublesome sounds and words, reading and recording my voice, as well as speaking. Luke is an inspirational teacher, and will not only give you very useful tips on how to improve your English accent but also the best routines and exercises to do at home. I cannot recommend his classes enough.

Leo, Poet and Journalist, Argentinean

Luke’s private lessons are enjoyable and effective, and his written and computer-based support material is excellent. I felt I got immediate results after the first lesson and a bit of homework.

After many years spent in the UK, I wanted to improve my accent further and booked a handful of lessons with Luke. In an international city such as London, surrounded by people with different accents, it is not always easy to stick to a “good” English accent. Luke’s approach was of tremendous help.

Luke tailored his lessons to my needs to help me make immediate progress. The written material he gave me was substantial and supported by his own recordings, which I could use at home. Each lesson was focused on a specific sound I had problems with and was interactive. We also focused on words and expressions specific to my job.

Lessons with Luke have left me more aware of the English pronunciation, and more confident. Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to reach the next level in British English.

Damien, Entrepreneur, France

A few months ago, I was searching on the Internet to look for some ways to improve my speaking English and I found this website. I have done 10 lessons with Luke via Skype and I am really glad I did it.

Although I have been learning English for so many years, I always felt very nervous and shy speaking in English before taking Luke’s lessons. Luke helped me to understand the sound system of English in a very effective way. He could always explain the topics clearly by giving different examples. Also, he made me understand how to produce some challenging sounds by referencing my native language (Cantonese).

Luke also provided comprehensive practice materials in each lesson so that I could practice the topics every day by myself. After 10 lessons, I can say I am more confident in speaking English! Luke is definitely the best English teacher I have ever had.

Fa Fa, Humanitarian Worker, Hong Kong

Luke as a teacher was encouraging, supportive and fun. He was also very patient and methodical. He went above and beyond as a teacher, preparing extensive homework and the classes were tailor-made to my needs and based on my mother tongue, Brazilian Portuguese. There is no one I would not recommend him to! Thank you for all your help, support and hard work. It has been a real pleasure to study with you. I have certainly improved my pronunciation.

Vania, Brazil

I had lessons with Luke for about 10 months. My Japanese accent was very strong originally, but thanks to Luke, it improved so much. Luke uses his own method and lesson materials. Furthermore, he prioritizes and focus on your own pronunciation characteristics that need to be improved. Thank you Luke, for your amazing lessons!

Tomo, Japan, Planner at Advertising Agency

It has been a pleasure to work with Luke throughout 10 individual lessons. He’s a very pleasant person and super accent coach. Like in the best of working partnerships, he was able to get me improve the clarity of my speech, through a very mindful and efficient approach. Lessons all of high quality and I also appreciate his understanding of how my native language works and of the main accent challenges to overcome. Highly recommended investment.

Roberto, Communication Consultant, Italy

The lessons with Luke were very focused on things that would have highest impact on my pronunciation based on my assessment and progress, very organised as Luke always had a plan for a lesson, took notes during sessions and he always followed up with detailed notes and recommendations, and the sessions were just plain enjoyable. I noticed improvements starting from the very first lesson and I can’t believe how my pronunciation and awareness of my speech improved after just 6 lessons.

Egor, IT Engineer, Russia

I’m an Italian professional working as a consultant in a busy private practice in central London. Few months ago, after many years of postponing it, I finally found the time to enrol for an accent softening course. I found Luke’s website clear and thorough, his credentials impeccable, and his interaction over the phone friendly yet professional. I started my course with much anticipation and willingness to make it work for me and … it really did.  After only few lessons I could distinguish sounds that I’ve never notice before or being able to reproduce it correctly which allowed me to self-correct mistakes. With regular practice, I was able to incorporate most new sounds in my everyday speech which brought a significant improvement in both the clarity of my speech and my self-confidence when interacting with clients. After each lesson, I received a comprehensive package comprising the notes from my day’s lesson and a variety of tips to improve my practice, resources and learning material. I can truly say that Luke’s coaching it has been invaluable as much as enjoyable, it has 100% matched my expectations and I’d highly recommend his accent softening course to everyone serious about improving their confidence in the English Language.

Daniela, Italy

Thanks to Luke I have made a lot of progress in understanding how to pronounce typical sounds in English, and integrating them into my speech. His lessons were very well planned and adapted to my own needs, including well-designed exercises with audio files to be able to practise at home.

Emmanuelle, Researcher/Teacher, France

It has been one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. Luke helped me find my English me. In every lesson I was taking a step forward. I realised it is all about making small changes.

I was going at my own pace, and with patience and effort I could notice in every lesson how much I was improving. It happened with most of the topics, all of a sudden I didn’t need to think about them anymore.

I will always be grateful to Luke for this great experience.

Clara, Catalan Speaker

All I want to say is “Thank You” to Luke, I started this course on my 30th Birthday and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I spent 20 weeks with Luke, and I had significant improvement, I had fun! It was a cool experience. Luke is extremely friendly and patient, the most important thing is he is doing what he’s good at! :-)

A, China

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