R is pronounced differently in different languages and accents.

Is your R pronounced with the front of the tongue or the back of the tongue? Or do you not move your tongue at all?

In the Standard English Accent, the tip of the tongue curls upwards slightly. The sides of the tongue should be touching the sides of the upper teeth. The back of the tongue is down.

We don’t always pronounce R in the spelling. Do you pronounce R in these words?







In the Standard English Accent, the R is not pronounced in the final two words.

The R Rule:

If the R is before a vowel sound, then pronounce it:

ready, right

brother, tree

If the R is not before a vowel sound, don’t pronounce it:

car, more.

Notice that we don’t pronounce the ‘e’ at the end of more, so this is not a vowel sound.

There are animations of the R sound, along with lots of practice in my online course.