Erros de pronúncia do português ao falar em inglês

Cinco dicas de pronúncia para falantes de português que querem se livrar do sotaque português

Accent Reduction for Portuguese Speakers

5 English pronunciation tips for Portuguese speakers who want to improve their English accent:



1) /ʧ/and /ʃ/

  • /ʧ/ has an explosive start. There is a /t/ sound at the beginning.
  • /ʃ/ has no explosive start.
  • chair – share
  • chop – shop
  • cheese – she’s



2) R

  • R is made with the tip of the tongue curling back in the mouth. We don’t touch the top of our mouths when pronouncing a R sound in English.
  • We only pronounce a R sound when there is a vowel sound after it: Really, Tree, Carry
  • We don’t pronounce a R sound when there is no vowel sound after it: CarLearn, Here


3) Vowels before M and N

  • When there is a vowel before M or N, check that the nose doesn’t vibrate a lot during the vowel sound.
  • Check that you pronounce the M or N clearly.
  • M – ham, some, dream, seem
  • N – send, when, fun, run


4) Final L

  • Check you pronounce the final L at the ends of words.
  • fall, ball, tell, sell, call, full


5) TH

  • This sound is made by putting the tip of the tongue by the back of the upper front teeth. Ensure it is touching the teeth.
  •  Don’t make a S or Z sound. Compare:
  • S – sin – thin
  • Z – Zen – then


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