You’re on this page because you’re a native English speaker who wants to change their accent. Before you continue on this path, here are some points to be aware of:

1. Your accent reflects your identity and background. This is part of your USP (Unique Selling Point) and is a positive attribute. Having a hint of Cockney/Scouse/Geordie shows people who you are. Some people (not all!) who change their accent feel like they lose some of their identity.

2. The so-called “Standard” accent isn’t intrinsically better or more beautiful. It just so happens that this is the accent spoken by people in power. If Queen Elizabeth had been born in Birmingham, that would be the Standard accent.

3. Throughout history, English has evolved differently in different places. There isn’t one correct version of English, rather there are many varieties – all as valid as each other.

4. Perhaps you want to change your accent to reduce others’ prejudice and open up more opportunities. Unfortunately, prejudice may continue even if you modify your accent.

If you are being bullied/discriminated against because of your accent, then take action to stop it (speak to HR or an anti-bullying organisation for advice).

You may open up more opportunities by investing time and money in improving other skills (e.g. your public speaking skills/interview skills/knowledge of your subject).

5. Your accent changes throughout your life depending on who you socialise/work with or where you’ve travelled. This is normal.

6. Perhaps your problems have to do with your voice, not your accent. Maybe you feel your voice is too quiet/tinny/breathy? Or are you lacking in confidence when you speak to others/when you give a presentation at work? In this case, I suggest you find a voice coach who can help you with this.