The results I got out of this well-structured course were significant. My communication skills (understanding, being understood and fluency) in English improved significantly. It’s a very detailed course from the often-overlooked fundamentals of accent work to the specific significant sounds you struggle with. Every step along the way is also theoretically (sometimes anatomically) explained which makes it easy to understand what you’re doing. The course builds up gradually and is divided into sections that make it possible for you to do a class a day and fit them in a busy schedule. Unlike accent classes, this course provides you with a daily routine. I feel it’s the key to really improve.  Highly recommended!

Elien, Belgium

As a Chinese learner, I find Luke’s online course extremely helpful and practical. Even when I am on a business trip, all I need is 10-20 minutes and I can finish one lesson per day. His course is not only well-planned with a focus on tackling one specific pronunciation problem per course but also motivating thanks to the uploaded videos. I  find the hands-on videos easy to follow. I usually finish one or two lessons per day, and after practising for a few weeks, I feel that I have improved. Highly recommend!

Cynthia Sheng, China

The course is just excellent and a wonderful resource for anyone with an intermediate/advanced level of English who’s interested in improving their pronunciation as well as their listening skills. 

(Read a longer review of the course on Alessandro’s blog here.)

Alessandro Rotatori, English Language Lecturer at the University of Rome

The online course is excellent, well structured, easy to use and most importantly, after the introductory lessons the remaining ones are tailor-made to the learner’s native language.

The learner has clear instructions on how to practice and how to know if they’re producing the right sound by listening and repeating the audio recordings as many times as they wish! You soon became aware of your mispronunciations.

It is a fun way to learn from the comfort of your own home at the time that best suits you.

I truly recommend it!


Vania, Brazil

I am 30% into the course and I can feel my brain has been exercised and my speech has improved. What I find really fantastic is that I’m being forced out of my day-to-day speaking comfort zone and for the first time being given a sound, well-constructed structure and set of rules as a foundation for a continuous amelioration day by day. I’m really enjoying this course and it has been money well spent.

Giovanni, Italy

Amazing training – I understand everything and know why (as a French guy) my pronunciation is so bad. Why don’t we learn English the Improve Your Accent way in France?


Maxime, France