London Tube Station Pronunciation How to Pronounce London Underground Tube Stations

Below you can search or browse for a tube station/line to hear its pronunciation by a native speaker.

There are 364 stations on 11 London Underground lines plus The London Overground and The DLR.

1.  I’ve transcribed the stations using the phonemic transcription system of the Oxford English Dictionary. In addition, I’ve used superscript schwa [ᵊ] to show that it is optionally pronounced, and Dark L [ɫ]. More information on these symbols can be found on my vowel and consonant charts.

2. I have listened to the pronunciations given on the TFL website and to the pronunciations of train announcements. Afterwards, I transcribed them accordingly. Some transcriptions have been double-checked using the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary and the BBC Pronouncing Dictionary of British Names.

3. Other variant (or so-called non-standard) pronunciations used in Britain may be listed. It is important to include these variants so that English learners will understand what is meant when speaking to a British person.

4. This tool provides the pronunciation and audio for all London Underground stations. It also provides most of the Overground and DLR stations, however there are still a few more to add. This is on my to-do list!

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How to Pronounce London Underground Tube Stations

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