Course Upgrade

Please note that this upgrade page is for people who bought the course before 22nd March 2020. It’s recommended that you do not upgrade, but rather look at purchasing the new course instead.

If you bought the course after 22nd March 2020, then do not use this upgrade page.

You can either purchase an extra 15 or 40 weeks.

Or you can upgrade to unlimited access. If you are upgrading to unlimited access, then please select either unlimited access (from 15 weeks) or unlimited access (from 40 weeks). You will pay the difference between the price for 15 or 40 weeks and the price for unlimited access.

Please note that it may take me up to 72 hours to reactivate your subscription. However, I will usually be able to do this in under 24 hours.  

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Once you have paid, please wait to be redirected to a confirmation page. You will automatically receive an email receipt if payment has been successful.